Terry Chen

A flamboyant evil mastermind. Tired of being constantly berated by his father, Steven decides to kill him to take over the family restaurant, The Long Pig.

Shirleyann Mason

A hot buxom blonde and a sex driven nymphomaniac. Yuki is Steven's girlfriend who ensures that all their customers are "fully" satisfied.

Carrie Genzel

A stunning and sophisticated restauranteur from London. Madame Dragonfly will do anything to seduce Steven into revealing his family's secret recipe.

David Milchard

A slimy opportunist with pervert written all over his face. He's the Long Pig's scout for MMA fighters but unbeknownst to Steven, The Bookie is double booked.

Fraser Aitcheson

The champion in the Long Pig's Pit of Gore. His trademark move is to literally deface his opponents by tearing their skin from their skull.

Johnson Phan

This obnoxiously loud triad is Steven's hired hand. He's a skilled fighter but his mouth is even faster than his hands. It'll take something special to finally silence this one.