Lacy J. Mailey

A gorgeous aspiring stuntwoman and the daughter of a well respected MMA Instructor.  Jenna has a kind heart but will do anything to save her family and friends.

Alain Chanoine

Don't let his lame action movie quotes fool you, Tyrone is one bad ass martial artist willing to lend a hand.

Derek Gilroy

Brian is always hungry but never joke about his weight because you'll soon find out it's no laughing matter.

Bishop Brigante

Carlos is from the real streets where he learned the true definition of "tough" on the kindergarten playground.

Curtis Lim

A sweet nerd with an awkward demeanor. Pete is in med school and unlike the others in the group, couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

Sebastian Gacki

Jenna's boyfriend and her Father's top fighter. This cocky MMA stud learns that he can't fight his way out of everything.